2011-09-25 21:47:08One last nag for warmist.skeptic comments
John Cook

I need to hand over the 4 conditions of skeptic/warmist post with warmist/skeptic comments tomorrow. Just need a few comments more on each to get it up to 10 comments each:
  1. Warmist blog post, all warmist comments
  2. Warmist blog post, all skeptic comments
  3. Skeptic blog post, all warmist comments
  4. Skeptic blog post, all skeptic comments
While writing the skeptic post was painful and shameful, strangely, I'm finding writing the skeptic comments (as Lubos Motl) is almost enjoyable. Maybe it gets easier the more you do it. That would explain how Marc Morano is able to look in the mirror every morning.

So please drop by and engage with some of the threads as either extreme warmist or skeptic. Don't make me have to register another fake denier username like Steve Goddard and give Alby heart palpitations :-)