2011-09-24 00:50:38Totally off subject - printers...
Paul D


Does anyone have any recomendations for a new low cost to run inkjet printer?

I salvaged my current printer from a recycling centre, but the cartridges are way to expensive, even the refurbished ones. I have also tried a refill kit, but that's no good.

Kodak have been advertising low running cost printers recently.

Any views??

Are laserjets cheaper to run then inkjets??

2011-09-24 06:20:40


Hi Paul,

we have the Kodak All in One ESP 9250 and are quite happy with it. We use it to print pictures (mostly in the A4-format) and as a guesstimate one ink-cartridge lasts for at least 50 of those (most likely more) if printed on photo-paper (standard paper can be tricky and use/waste more ink as it soaks it up). Obviosuly, printing documents like eg. the scientific guide do not need as much ink! Black and colors come in two separate cartridges so you need not change everything at the same time. It really depends on what you plan to print with it....

Full disclosure: I worked for Kodak in Germany for 24 years, so may just be a wee bit biased!


2011-09-24 08:07:32
Paul D


OK. Thanks Baerbel.

2011-09-24 08:12:22
Anne-Marie Blackburn
Anne-Marie Blackburn

Now I'm not trying to discredit Baerbel, who is a phenomenal translator, but I did a bit of research when I had to buy a new one and the Kodak one wasn't particularly cheap to run.

I bought a Canon PIXMA MX870 and I'm pleased with it. The ink comes in separate cartridges and compatible cartridges cost from as little as £5.49.

2011-09-24 18:04:31
Paul D


The review of the latest Kodak printers I saw, suggested the new Kodaks were quite cheap to run but the multi-colour cartridges made them less economical than some printers that use single colour cartridges. I think the point made was that when compared with other multi-colour cartridge printers Kodaks were a bit cheaper or comparable.

2011-09-24 20:22:48
Paul D


Having had a first look at costs, i'm thinking Canon might be a better option. The iP4850 looks good. It's not just the cost of the cartridge, but also the number of pages printed per cartridge.

2011-09-29 02:07:29
Paul D


FYI I ordered a Canon pixma ip4850 from Amazon (cost £55) and it arrived today.
Haven't installed it yet.

2011-09-29 02:22:25


After having worn out many brands, I now use a Canon Pixma ip4200.  I am very happy with it.

I usually find that the quality is perfectly adequate for most purposes when set to the lowest - economy - setting.

I use the 2nd lowest quality for important documents such as legal materials.

I only use the higher settings for glossy photographs.

I keep costs down by buying (genuine) ink on ebay.

It also prints CDs and DVDs - but I rarely find a need to use that feature.


Based on my experience I would buy a new Pixma if my current one failed.

2011-09-29 04:50:06
Paul D


Well, got it installed on my Mac (still need to do the same on my Windows machine).

Works well, although I am not sure why special paper is required to do the print head alignment. Actually I suspect I know why (having worked on printer development many years ago), but it still seems a bit over the top.

The print head is a separate module, so I assume that can be replaced independent of the rest of the printer.