2011-09-23 17:06:40Dont lose sight of this post - Eric deserves a response.


Eric Pedersen has posted this and looks like his has spent some time thinking about it. I am away till Friday, but I would rather discuss science with Eric than waste time with Damorel.

2011-09-23 18:56:31Looks like a real skeptic
Glenn Tamblyn


Eric has impressed at times as being a reasonably honest skeptic. I don't quite get what is question is from this but getting some elucidation looks worthwhile.

Slightly heretical thought. Sometimes the honest skeptics (I know, there aren't many of them) can make points that hone & refine understanding. How to separate them from the trollls so the lurkers can tell the difference is the issue.

2011-09-23 19:14:29


There's actually no logical reason that someone who's initially prejudiced against the concept of AGW cannot be logical as well. (It's just that most of them are not.)

People like that are "prime converts": If they really "see the light", they will be in the best situation to explain to their colleagues.