2011-09-19 05:05:26Man the pumps - save the oil


Imagine if a cruise ship was owned as blocks of shares related to functional systems in the ship.

The ship is in a collision with an iceberg.  The owners of rights to all the pumps insist on saving the bunker oil, rather than the ship, on the grounds that this will make more money for their shareholders: a statutory duty, they insist.


The Arctic moderates the northern hemisphere's, and ultimately the entire planet's climate regime.  Complete loss of Arctic ice will affect every country, but some countries are acting as if they are the only ones with Arctic rights.  All citizens of this planet will be impacted by climate change.  The rate of change will likely increase once the Arctic summer sea ice is gone.  Multinational corporations don't own the Arctic: everybody does.


What will the future hold if the smaller nations blame the big and powerful for their coming climate-triggered catastrophes?

While the usual suspects try to prove that all this change is just natural cycles, the military is preparing for the possibility of climate-triggered conflict.

I don't mean just the Pentagon.  The first step in military preparedness is to make the nation aware of a risk.  The next step is most usually an increase in military spending.  Step 3 - you don't want to witness step 3! 

In India, step 1 has been initiated: