2011-09-13 00:59:27Looking at Le Chatelier’s Principle Through a Rubber Band -- Bill Chameides
John Hartz
John Hartz

The Bubber Band analogy that Bill Chameides included in his essay, "Global Warming: Fox News Separates Fact From Fiction" is golden. He uses the analogy to skewer Bastadari.

In my opinion, Chameides is one the best scientist-authors writing popular articles about climate change on the planet.

His essay would make an excellent cross-post on SkS.

I recommend that John Cook start a dialogue with Chameides about ways that his GreenGok blog and SkS could mututally reinforce each other.

2011-09-13 01:29:48
Julian Brimelow

Hiya Badger,

I think that this may have been addressed, at leats at Tamino's place.  But yes, the analogy is great.  Very ell written for a lay audience.