2011-09-09 02:43:18Glaciers hockey stick


I know, it's not new but I found this graph really telling: stop the urbanization of glaciers! :)


2011-09-09 02:52:55


You're way behind, Riccardo.  I'm sure Anthony is already hard at work identifying how many of those glaciers are sited within 50 miles of an air conditioning unit or a parking lot.  And McIntyre is all over the number of glacier's impacted by bristlecone pines.  This hockey stick was broken before it hit the ice, so to speak.

2011-09-09 11:08:56Glaciers and air conditioning
John Cook


I actually started writing a April Fool's blog post showing photos of glaciers alongside air conditioners as proof that they were causing global glacial retreat. Showed an early draft to Dana who informed me it just wasn't that funny so I didn't bother finishing it off :-(

2011-09-09 12:14:05
John Garrett
I sure got a good laugh at your a/c with glaciers idea. Funny enough for me.
2011-09-09 12:20:07jg
John Hartz
John Hartz

Perhaps there's another Toon is this?