2011-09-09 07:13:39Climate Change Cloud War -- Reason Foundation
John Hartz
John Hartz

This article is probably one of the  better written of the bunch being posted by the climate denier sites. it looks professional and reads like a typical magazine article.

If you didn't know anything about the subject matter, you would probably accept the author's spin after reading it.

The author is also very skillful at framing the discussion by skillfully manipulating words.

The last paragraph (below) does, however, leave no doubt his perspective aseabout the author's position on AGW.  Note that SkS is not included in the list of "alarmist" sites.

"The explosion of comment caused by this contretemps in the blogosphere can be found on the more 'skeptical' side of climate science at Spencer's blog, Wattsupwiththat, ClimateAudit, and Roger Pielke, Sr.'s Climate Science. For the more 'alarmist' take go to RealClimate, DailyClimate, ClimateProgress, and Deltoid."

2011-09-09 08:19:12
Julian Brimelow


Interesting, actually the RC post was very measured and objective.  Not so concerning the alarming and vitriolic commentary at WUWT, CA, Pielke Snr's and Spencer's blogs.  They have it backwards!