2011-09-07 23:24:05Fred Singer...
Robert Way


See the following presentation booklet by Fred Singer

2011-09-07 23:50:45


I feel an irrational urge to throw rocks through his windows ...

2011-09-08 01:16:10
Julian Brimelow

Why , oh why did I not resist the urge to take a peak?  That has been out since July 2011 have not heard anything on the intertubes. I would suggest ignoring it for now.  It would be very easy to shred it to pieces though if one did decide to pursue a debunking.

2011-09-08 01:24:29
Dana Nuccitelli

Just rubbish.  I like how not only is Singer still claiming the 'hot spot' is the only anthropogenic fingerprint (when it's not even an anthropogenic fingerprint), but he references his own paper, published in E&E on the subject.  Managing to get accepted by E&E - Singer must be so proud.

I'm with Albatross.  I haven't heard a word about this booklet, so unless it gains traction, I vote to just pretend it doesn't exist.

2011-09-08 01:35:31comment
Robert Way


Oh I'm okay with not responding to it. It's just ammunition for the future though... Tamino brought it up originally

2011-09-08 07:51:29


Fred Singer is currently on a tour through Europe to present his genius theses. Last week he spoke in Hamburg (Hermann Harde the one with the "truncated icosahedron" (see rabett run) invited him). Given that I am currently in Hamburg I went there to watch what Singer has to say: And yes he really claimed that there is no warming since 1979 (that irritated even some skeptics in the audience!).

After Singers talk I worte an E-Mail to the university chairs and complained about it and asked why they offer Singer a stage for his theses. The vice chair responded that he will check Singers arguments and also Harde answered and affiremd that Singer is a reputable scientist... Last sunday Singers responded that his "no warming" claim is only for 1979 to 1997. In order for some assistence I asked Tamino for help and its great to see that he will write a blog post about it ;-)

@Dana: As far as I understand Singer accepts that there should be an hot spot if there is warming, but he states that the absence of a hotspot proofs that there is no surface warming...

2011-09-08 07:55:22
Dana Nuccitelli

The problem there is that we have indisputable evidence that the surface is warming (instrumental record, rising sea levels, and so forth).  Whatever argument Singer is trying to make with the 'hot spot', it's ignorant and wrong.

2011-09-08 08:07:54


Singer has so much Denial 'form' he should have been discredited long ago.

Send the University chairs his Denial record


He is also a prolific tobacco lobbiest and liar