2011-09-06 22:42:56"From Stars to Stalagmites" - chemistry book to be published in March, by Paul S. Braterman...
Alex C


Through my time at Y!A I have become friendly with a few individuals, most notably Dana and also a retired chemistry professor from Glasgow, Paul Braterman, who once posted under the moniker "Paul B" and later "Facts Matter."

That was mainly for Dana, perhaps he recognizes the names.

Anyways Paul has recently finished a book that is going to be published by World Scientific in March 2012, titled From Stars to Stalagmites, which explains how chemistry connects everything.  He has a chapter on the greenhouse effect, which explains the basic physics of the greenhouse effect and also goes into several "skeptic" talking points to briefly debunk them.

As a more comprehensive reference, whom does he refer?  Well us of course:

"Such is the volume of disinformation, that it may be helpful if I run through some of the more commonly used arguments. Like creationists’ arguments (and indeed we are often talking about the same individuals), they have been refuted many times, but this has no effect at all on the rhetorical intensity with which they continue to be put forward. Many readers will have seen all of this before, and can simply skip to the next section. There is an excellent discussion of all these arguments, with links to the original literature, at http://skepticalscience.com/."

Though I do not know if I should share more.  I might send him another email to ask if I can give John the document for posting in our forum.

Paul was kind enough to share this chapter with me, as he knows of my interest in the subject, and with his permission I bring this up here - I think that this is an excellent accomplishment.  I think Dana can help attest to Paul's knowledge in the subject, and he (Paul) is quite involved with several causes right now, especially dealing with the British Centre for Science Education (whose committee he is a member of); as I understand it he is no small name in the scientific community, so we're getting out there.

2011-09-06 22:44:48
Alex C


As a side note, to anyone that might be associated with Y!A (Dawei and Dana, afaik), Paul had requested that his identity on such "democratic" forums remain anonymous.

2011-09-07 01:59:33


I don't see how he can maintain anonymity if his book (or chapter thereof) is posted at SkS.

2011-09-07 04:49:44
Alex C


It was strictly for Yahoo!, he said he would be delighted if I shared the chapter internally here at SkS.  In his own paraphrased words, he felt that in forums like Yahoo! it is best left for participation to be judged solely on what is said there, not on who said it.  Similarly, people ought not to be judged for what they freely express in anonymity, what they might not express publicly.