2011-09-06 22:43:58Congrats on winning the Eureka Prize JC!!!!!!!!!
Rob Painting

I'm assuming the tweet was correct, and not a typo.

2011-09-06 23:06:03



Great, John, congrats once again ;)

2011-09-06 23:35:09Yes, SkS won
John Cook

A bit surreal, really - the competition was the 60,000 strong AYCC - how can you compete with that. Even Gaby this morning said she thought the climate elephant would win (I think she was actually rooting for the climate elephant). So when they announced the winner, it was a bit of a shock.

Was especially humbling because all night, the other winners were these incredibly brilliant scientists rebuilding the human backbone, measuring electron spin for the first time, amazing stuff - and alongside them, a blogger.

2011-09-07 01:11:50
Paul D


Yeah congrats, that's significant recognition.

Was that the funding you were applying for when the datavis app was being developed?

2011-09-07 02:13:23There we are!


Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge

2011 Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge


And, true to form, Motl made gracious acknowledgment.

Maybe you should send him a greeting card thanking him for his early prediction!

2011-09-07 02:15:48
Julian Brimelow

Hello John,

Fantastic news.  Congratulations!!  :)

2011-09-07 02:18:25


In sum: Well earned, well deserved. And it should pay a few bills.

2011-09-07 03:45:11
Paul D


I think the photo here is a lot better than previous photos:


2011-09-07 03:45:26
Rob Honeycutt


OMG!!  Did Motl really say this?  "And Cook, now you're not just a regular crackpot but a corrupt one. A few years in prison have been added to my Excel table next to your name."

Being that I just cut and pasted it from his site, I guess so.

2011-09-07 04:14:10
Andy S


That's fantastic news! I'm delighted that you won this prize.

I'm also pleased that the irredeemable Czech is apoplectic that you have received a redeemable cheque!


2011-09-07 04:24:03Comment
Robert Way


Amazing news congrats John. You really deserve every accolade you get!

2011-09-07 04:34:48
Paul D


News roundup:




[EDIT FROM JC - I'm going to throw any media links in this post for handy convenience]

Responses from skeptics:

2011-09-07 04:45:01


On balance, after the Eureka Prize itself, I think pride of place must go to the Luboš Motl Prize for Exceptional Apoplexy, for generating the most satisfying bout of jealousy ever seen in a de-frocked academic.

2011-09-07 05:01:48
Same Ordinary Fool


Congratulations to John Cook

We know the sartorial requirements for Archimedes' "Eureka" ("I have found it").

By your above photo (Paul D's link), the "I have won it" response is more laid back.

2011-09-07 06:23:50


Nice work, John.  

2011-09-07 06:38:07
Steve Brown


Bloody awesome!  Well Done!


Does that mean we can all wear "Eureka Laureate" tie-pins a la Monckton? ;-)

2011-09-07 07:42:39


Well at last one of Motl's predictions came true

"I was almost sure that I would be right and he would be chosen as the winner"

Well done John


2011-09-07 09:23:08
John Hartz
John Hartz

Hear! Hear!


2011-09-07 10:29:51
Glenn Tamblyn


Hubba Hubba!!!


And I LUV Steves idea of a Eureka Laureate pin - one of the penguins?

The Eureka's will be shown on Oz ABC's Catalyst program, 8:00 pm Thursday 8 Sep. You can get video of the awards from the Catalyst part of the ABC site here

We also need a post on this. Suggest something simple, then the 'author' of the post being everyone from the forum who wants to add their name. But not JC - can't have any hubris can we - because the sheer number of contributors here is also a testament to John.

Vote with your thumb

2011-09-07 10:40:38
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Earned...and deserved!

2011-09-07 11:05:16
George Morrison

So well deserved. What a contribution.

2011-09-07 11:10:20@ Glenn
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

I'm in

2011-09-07 12:05:23Deranged Lubos syndrome
John Cook

Had to laugh at Lubos' response - I always thought he was slightly deranged but this latest reaction has him more unhinged than usual.

Robert, the accolades are nice but I still don't have a cool nickname like "cryosphere kid". :-)

Paul, no, this is nothing to do with that grant application we sent off a few months ago. We find out whether we get that grant within a few weeks. If we're successful, that will pretty much fill up my next 12 months, working on the iPhone/iPad app. It's an exciting prospect - I pretty much threw my entire wish list of features that i would daydream of having in an SkS ipad app into the grant application. It would be SkS on steroids.

BTW, pics of the event are on the Eureka's photographer's website:


2011-09-07 12:33:34
Alex C


>>>Robert, the accolades are nice but I still don't have a cool nickname like "cryosphere kid". :-)

Weren't you the Grand Poobah of SkS?  What thread was that in, we came up with a name for you.

2011-09-07 12:40:08
Alex C


Ah yes.

2011-09-07 12:56:49Grand Poobah
John Cook

I said *cool* nickname :-)
2011-09-07 13:03:50
Alex C


Head Honcho?  Top Gun?  Rocky?

Ooh just think of the field day Motl would have with that last one...

2011-09-07 13:39:30


Congratulations, John, and all of the rest of you guys and gals. Well deserved.

2011-09-07 14:32:40
Dana Nuccitelli

That's f-ing awesome, John!  Did you have to go up and give a speech?  If so, we need to get a video of that.

Yes, Motl was right that SkS would win.  Too bad he wasn't right about the $240k prize :-)

No question we'll have to come up with a good post about this news.

2011-09-07 15:23:56Congratulations
James Wight


I'm lost for words.

2011-09-07 17:53:21


I like Glenns idea, a short post where "the team" congrats his leader.

2011-09-07 17:56:47
Paul D


Well I don't mind my name (Paul D) being used, although my only public contribution has been the datavis app.

2011-09-07 19:26:26Eureka speech
John Cook

No speeches on the night. A few weeks ago, the Australian Museum emailed, asking who I might thank if I won. I thought it was to suss out whether winners might say something nutty in their acceptance speech (I'd like to thank Chairman Mao who helped form my world view...). But as the first winner started moving towards the stage, the host on stage said "xxx would like to thank..." At that point, I realized they'd reconstructed our emails into thank-you speeches and we were just meant to rock up, take the gong, smile for the photo then scoot off. Perhaps at past Eureka evenings, they'd let academics get up on stage to give long winded technobabbly speeches and the evening lasted till 3 in the morning.

Unsurprisingly, I was more than okay with not having to make a speech on stage :-) of course, I couldn't remember what I'd said in the email so I hoped if I won, I hadn't emailed anything stupid.

2011-09-07 19:40:21


Or maybe they'd watched one too many Oscars Award nights ...

2011-09-07 22:00:54


I haven't been active lately, but I just had to stop by to congratulate you.  It's a well-deserved award, and a nice recognition of the importance of SkS.  Best wishes to John, his family, and his merry band of authors, translators, moderators, etc.

2011-09-08 08:43:08John Cook
John Hartz
John Hartz

Did you happen to mention anything about the SkS Borg Machine in your email?

2011-09-08 08:45:47@Glenn
John Hartz
John Hartz

Perhaps "The SkS Borg Collective" would suffice for the authorship?

2011-09-08 11:18:08Borg machine
John Cook


Funnily enough, I didn't use the word 'borg' anywhere in my Eureka email :-) I guess I figured the evening was geeky enough with wall to wall scientists without bringing sci-fi into it.

2011-09-08 13:54:00
Sarah Green


Well deserved for sure.

From the comments above it seems that you have utterly failed to make your "fellow alarmist kooks jealous and upset" (Motl). Quite the opposite I would say. 

I would certainly sign on to Glenn's post idea.

2011-09-08 14:07:20Jealous and upset
John Cook


You ever notice climate deniers tend to project when they throw insults at "warmists"? Deniers receiving funding dollars from fossil fuel accuse climate scientists of being motivated by money. Ideologically blinkered deniers accuse warmists of political motivation. Monckton accuses his enemies of looking like prawns. I get the impression Motl is also projecting.

2011-09-08 14:16:03


Great work John.

2011-09-08 14:20:35
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

I suggest having a guest post by Friends of Gin and Tonic in their inimitable style (Poe).  Sure to rile the goats of denialists worldwide by the herd, as they lack the SOH (Sense Of Humor) gene.

2011-09-08 18:15:45


JC, Motl isn't "projecting."

Motl is envious!

But for sure, we need to announce this to the readers. Someone needs to draft up a text. But FoGT seems far too dry.

2011-09-08 18:46:20
Paul D


So are the awards going to be on ABC in 75 minutes??
(Have I got the time correct 18.45 in Australia??)

I had a look at the link posted above and the page content has changed.

Added: I just noticed I have got the time correct because my post is time stamped with the Aussie time... doh!

2011-09-08 19:40:32catalyst is on in 20 minutes from now
John Cook

8pm Aust EST. Some footage of the Eureka Prize will be on.
2011-09-08 19:56:44
Paul D


I'll have to wait until the vodcast is available, it can't be watched live outside Australia.

2011-09-08 21:18:08
Dikran Marsupial
Gavin Cawley

Quite right!  Well done John, well deserved!

2011-09-09 00:21:55My paw up!
John Hartz
John Hartz

Badgers don't have thumbs which, by the way, is why it takes me so ong to key in text.

2011-09-09 00:54:02


Hey guys, Romm has scooped us on our own award!

We got to make the announcement!

2011-09-09 01:45:33Congrats


Congratulation John, well done

2011-09-09 01:46:54
Dana Nuccitelli

Who wants to draft up a post on this?  Daniel perhaps?

2011-09-09 01:52:20Thumb up


Congratulation John!

This is a well deserved appreciation for all the work and time you've put into SkepticalScience. It will be interesting to see if this has any long term effect on the number of regular visits to the site (not to mention crank reactions like the one from Motl...)

2011-09-09 02:03:04
Paul D


The Australian - no mention:


All quiet at the Register as well (so far):



2011-09-09 03:04:08Thumbs-up from me too!
John Mason


Big congrats to John and the rest of the team!

Was just saying over at Climate Progress that I'd been jousting with a denier earlier who opined that SkS was "biased".

Indeed, I said: biased towards reality!!

Would love to do more over here - I seem to get tangled up on the "home front" i.e. UK arenas of climate-conflict too much, but hey it has to be done!

I'm proud of you guys.

Cheers - John

2011-09-09 05:08:04


I second Dana, after the cryosphere kid post he's the man :)

2011-09-09 06:13:07
Paul D


The vodcast is available (episode 29) as WMV or MP4:


Haven't watched it yet, but there is also a Science Under Siege part to it as well.

2011-09-09 09:33:31
Rob Honeycutt


I think we need to get hold of some artwork for the Eureka Prize and post it on the website!  And maybe if you click on the artwork that could link to a picture of John sticking his tongue out at Lubos Motl.  :-)

2011-09-09 12:39:54Eureka artwork
John Cook


Rest assured, I'll add something to the website featuring some artwork from http://eureka.australianmuseum.net.au/ to indicate SkS winning the Eureka Prize - but I'll add it after the blog post. Maybe even put it in the header? (discreetly photoshop the trophy in next to the penguins :-)

No tongue poking though, Rob :-)

Recommend everyone watch the catalyst vodcast which shows some of the pomp of the Eureka dinner (surreal experience for a blogger). Also features heavily Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, my boss here at GCI (and who first nominated SkS for the Eureka prize - I wasn't aware of it before then).

2011-09-09 12:43:40post
Dana Nuccitelli

Daniel's going to draft up the blog post by the way, but he says it will probably take him a few days to get to it.

2011-09-09 13:13:57A post idea


Hi guys, I emailed John asking him why there wasn't a post up about it, or a "2011 Eureka Prize Winner" tag under the site banner, and he said there was talk about a post, but nothing yet.

So I took 10 minutes out of my work day (not so busy today!) to put together a draft, which John suggested I post here for comment & improvement.

Being that I'm (a) new to the contributor side of Sks, and (b) a bit of a slacker sometimes, does someone want to pick up this ball and run with it?

Anyways, here's the draft:

The Eureka Prizes, presented annually since 1990 by the Australian Museum, have been described as Australia’s “Oscars of Science”.  The prizes recognise and reward excellence in the reward excellence in the fields of scientific research & innovation, science leadership, school science and science journalism & communication.

The prizes are sponsored by a wide range of government departments & research organisations, universities, foundations, media organisations and corporations.

Skeptical Science’s founder John Cook tweeted on Tuesday that he was attending the gala presentation dinner:

Heading off to #EurekaPrize evening. Exciting & a little surreal

As a long-time reader of Skeptical Science, I was delighted to see the follow-up message:

Am blown away, @skepticscience just won Eureka Prize 4 Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge

The official announcement gives a great rundown of why Skeptical Science was chosen as the winner, despite some stiff competition.

I’d like to shout out a great big “Congratulations!” to John and the supporting crew of contributors & moderators here at Skeptical Science.  It’s well deserved recognition for what is, in my opinion, one of the most useful sites in the world of Climate Science.  I’ve learned an enormous amount about the science of Climate Change since I’ve been visiting SkS, and the efforts of all here are greatly appreciated!


Other coverage:

Climate Progress (with a great photo of John in a tux!)

ABC Australia

Hot Topic

2011-09-09 13:20:18Hey, A Bern Sighting!
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey



I'll put what you've got into a draft blog form & link to it here.

2011-09-09 13:25:32
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

I want to name it:

The Planck in Motl's Eye

but fear it's over the top, as well as too subtle

2011-09-09 13:31:19Ready
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Blog post is here:



Forum discussion thread is here:


2011-09-09 14:41:24



I think that suggested title is good, (being a fan of Niven & Pournelle's work) though perhaps not appropriate for the main site. :-)

Despite seeing the name from time to time, I hadn't read any of Motl's work previously, but followed the link up-thread.  Ouch!  Now I remember why I generally steer clear of denier blogs & websites.  No bitterness there, at all!  What, did a climate scientist run over his dog when he was a kid, or something?

2011-09-09 17:57:42


John has really made the grade now, Friends of Gin & Tonic!

John Cook wins Eureka Prize, Archimedes screwed

08/09/11 21:01 Filed in: John | WoS
Establishment science apologist and propagandist John Cook has been awarded the Eureka Prize by the Government of New South Wales supposedly “for communication that motivates action to reduce the impacts of climate change.” And , they might well have added, for promoting a one-world government and a return to the stone age.

John Cook emerging from one of his infrequent baths. Source

Luboš Motl, the articulate and compassionate science blogger —cruelly dubbed


NSF or even the Irredeemable Czech by his many jealous detractors—has said it better than FoGT ever could:

Instead of congratulating someone which would be truly inappropriate, cynical, and unethical, let me express my deep condolences to Archimedes and all his fans (and all fans of science) – because his famous trademark has just been brutally humiliated and desecrated.

And Cook, now you're not just a regular crackpot but a corrupt one. A few years in prison have been added to my Excel table next to your name..........
2011-09-09 17:58:17


Ah! reading back perhaps Daniel had something to do with it!

Daniel Bailey

I suggest having a guest post by Friends of Gin and Tonic in their inimitable style (Poe). Sure to rile the goats of denialists worldwide by the herd, as they lack the SOH (Sense Of Humor) gene.

2011-09-09 17:59:23



2011-09-09 18:30:24Are FoGT stalking me?
John Cook


How did they know I'm an infrequent bather?!

2011-09-09 23:53:13


Well done - congratulation :)