2011-08-31 20:53:02Upcoming Twitter campaign using hashtag #SciUnderSiege
John Cook


Steve Lewandowsky and Rob Mackay-Wood (from my new workplace GCI) are planning a twitter campaign next week:

Dear all, if you blog and/or tweet, please consider this proposal.

The (Australian) ABC Catalyst is airing a show on Tuesday, 6th Sept, dealing with “Science under Siege”. Rob Mackay of UQ has suggested that as of Tuesday morning 6th (but not before then), we tweet and retweet online news articles, blogs or videos around the Science Under Siege theme using a  #SciUnderSiege hash tag to tweet along with existing hash tags of #ClimateChange etc.

My proposal is to continue to use the #SciUnderSiege hash tag indefinitely from then on to (re)tweet all posts or links pertaining to, well, the assault on science. It would be interesting to see how this might trend on Twitter.

We've been talking about using Twitter more elsewhere on the forum - this is a good experiment for SkSers to get involved in and I'll keep you posted as it develops. I strongly encourage you all to think about using Twitter as another way of getting the message out.

Note - the Catalyst show will be airing bits of the Eureka Prize evening, which I'll be at (although I've thoroughly lowered my expectations, going up against 60,000 strong AYCC members).

2011-09-01 01:33:33Suggestion
John Hartz
John Hartz

Given how the anti-AGW Spin Machine (at least in the US and apparently Australia) has morphed into an anti-Science Scince Spin Machine, it may be time for SkS to braoden its scope beyond the science of climate change.

"Science under Siege" would make a nice button for a series of articles on this topic.

2011-09-01 01:44:50


B., we're not even doing half of the things on our priority list of climate stuff. Get real.

2011-09-01 03:05:32nealjking
John Hartz
John Hartz

Based on my expereince in the Sierra Club, getting a group of volunteers to readily function in a systematic, business-like modus operandi is akin to pulling teeth and herding cats.

Generall speaking, SkS authors who are passionate about a topic will generate articles on that topic. If certain SkS authors are passionate about the assault on science in general and want to write about it, I say: "Go for it!"

BTW, John Cook did not include the word "climate" in the wbsite name when he created SkS.

2011-09-01 03:18:42



We can't accomplish our goals without focus. I think it's pretty clear that the focus is on climate issues, specifically global warming. The solution for not doing everything on our plate does not lie in enlarging the plate.

2011-09-01 03:39:50
Paul D


I agree Neal. SkS is doing tremendously well because everyone is largely focused on the one subject/goal. It's hard enough doing that, increasing the brief would dilute the influence.