2011-08-31 17:42:34SkS gets a mention.link by RealClimate
Paul D


Rasmus mentions Skeptical Science:


"A recent paper by Loehle & Scafetta (L&S2011) in a journal known as the ‘Bentham Open Atmospheric Science Journal‘ (also discussed at Skeptical Science) presents some analysis using regression to describe cycles in the global mean temperature, showing us many strange tricks one can do with curves and sinusoids, in something they call “empirical decomposition” (whatever that means)."

2011-09-01 01:36:09
Dana Nuccitelli

Very cool, thanks for pointing that out Paul.  All the times I've referenced RC posts, I think this is the first time they've referenced one of mine :-)  I guess that also means Rasmus reads SkS.