2011-08-27 19:09:15Windy nimbys



2011-08-27 21:03:07
Paul D


A few years ago we had a company wanting to install a 3 turbine wind farm a few miles from where I live. An NGO manager lived nearby and supported the campaign against the wind farm, despite his NGO supporting wind energy. He was even a member of the local climate change campaign group.

The company eventually withdrew the application, not because of the campaign against it, but because the area was to become a new national park.

The other problem now is that the Coalition government isn't keen on overriding local council decisions, whihc means if the local council is generally biased against them, the developer is likely to lose out.

The good news is that a massive wind farm is proposed offshore near the Isle of Wight. I don't think councils have a say, because the 'land' offshore is owned by the Crown Estate.


I thought it should have been called Jurassic Park (It wasn't an option, but I thought it would have been amusing), but the most popular name was Navitus Bay.