2011-08-26 07:04:42A Fundamental Republican Science Problem -- Andrew Revkin -- NY Times
John Hartz
John Hartz

Click here to access Revkin's Aug 22 blog on DOT Earth. I have included a reference link to it in the comment thread to Dana's "Republican Presidential Candidates vs. Climate Science"

Needles to say, Revkin's article has generated quite a few comments. Anti-AGW comments have been posted by top-tier climate deiers. You may wish to post rebuttals.

I posted the following on the comment thread to Revkin's blog under my actual name, "John Hartz." 

Suggested reading:

"Republican Presidential Candidates vs. Climate Science," by Dana, Skeptical Science, Aug 24, 2011


I will post this note on the comment threads to other articles about the Republican candidates' postion on climate change and encourage you to do the same. This this link will undoubtedly attract newbies to SkS.   
2011-08-26 07:55:44
Dana Nuccitelli

Here's the article.