2011-08-24 08:14:57Fox News briefly admits science supports AGW, but says it doesn't matter
Dana Nuccitelli

MediaMatters (via Treehugger) noticed an interesting discussion between hosts on a Fox News show.  They were talking about Huntsman criticizing Perry's global warming denial comments (see my Republicans post for details).

After a couple of minutes, they admitted that according to "fact checkers", Huntsman is right and the facts don't support Perry's denialist position.  Of course they immediately follow that up saying "but it doesn't matter", because global warming is so unimportant compared to the economy right now.  They are just Fox News pundits, after all.

Oh and at one point, the banner towards the bottom of the screen read "Skeptical Science".  I thought that was funny :-)

2011-08-24 09:04:18


There must be a mole in the Fox organization, sneaking in the truth below (or between) the lines!

2011-08-24 10:03:21
Alex C


Man you can tell they are uncomfortable about the topic after they show the Perry excerpt.  I guess they had a little oopsy, with the whole "this guy doesn't have facts on his side" comment.

I can already imagine the red signs flashing behind the camera: "Abort!  Abort!"

2011-08-24 10:16:06
Dana Nuccitelli

Haha totally, I bet Roger Ailes gave them a good dressing down after the show was over.

You're not to say a bad word about Rick Perry or a good word about climate science!  50 lashes apiece!

2011-08-24 22:12:36
Paul D


I think some Tories here in the UK are saying similar things.
Locally Tory councillors are indicating that the economy has to come first despite some concerned about climate change etc.

It's down to votes and the next election.

2011-08-27 10:05:31


Paul, if it's really down to "votes and the next election",  you'd think they'd jump at the job creation involved in retrofitting houses/offices or installing solar.