2011-08-22 13:51:57A Climate Change 'Bummer Outer' Comes to Washington -- Climatewire.NY Times
John Hartz
John Hartz

This is an excellent essay about Bill Mckibben.

2011-08-22 15:23:35read it carefully, not so excellent - the same writer did an homage to Lindzen last month
Stephen Leahy


Badger, should be wary of this guy JOHN J. FIALKA, who wrote glowing essay of Lindzen last month (that you may have alerted us to) http://www.eenews.net/public/climatewire/2011/07/06/1?page_type=print

He is editor of Climate Wire published by E&E Publishing who run the Coal USA Conferences among other things.

He seems relatively neutral in the McKibben piece but slips in a few things.

"Many of the climate theories in the book -- and the future career path of McKibben -- were shaped by James Hansen." That's a bald-faced assertion little better than saying he's a follower of the charismatic and clever Al Gore.

"The rumpled, bearded, soft-spoken scientist," -- Lindzen

"A gaunt, soft-spoken environmental writer" -- McKibben

Fialka thus sets and plays into the frame of the hair-shirt enviro crying wolf and that we must all live in caves again (or tiny farms digging weeds out by hand).  

2011-08-23 02:01:59Stephen Leahy
John Hartz
John Hartz

Thanks for the heads-up.