2011-08-14 02:34:12 What is the best strategy for dealing with Deniers?

Dave Roberts suggests that alternative strategies , such as ignoring or finding 
common ground are doomed to failure since there is a genuine conflict between 
our objectives
I would just add that one major difference between Liberals and Conservatives
is that the latter are usually more united, this is their strength, whereas 
Liberals tend to argue with one another in a vain attempt to attain a perfect 
Unfortunately, in politics if not science, reason and morality are no match for 
mindless loyalty!
What’s the Best Strategy for Dealing with Deniers? 

David Roberts, in a Grist cross-post.

The other day, I wrote about a study that attempted to explain why conservative

white men (CWM) are so loathe to accept the threat of climate change. It has

to do with system justification and identity-protective cognition. Go read it!

The question remains: What should we do about it? The denialism or

indifference of CWM toward climate is a huge barrier to getting anything done.

In this post, I’m going to argue that the typical strategies are doomed to

failure. It may be that the simplest, least clever strategy —

kick their [metaphorical] asses — is still the way to go.

2011-08-14 05:08:47
Rob Honeycutt


I think this is right on the mark.  Don't worry about convincing them of anything, ever.  The deniers are a lost cause.  Use them as a tool to point out to others the absurdity of their position.

2011-08-14 06:26:04
George Morrison

 I'm on an iPod Touch, otherwise I'd purdy this up a bit, but you don't focus on the laggards. More here. Maybe the deniers aren't "less educated" as per this categorization, but the marketing lessons still pertain.

2011-08-14 07:31:58
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

I purdied it up fer ya a spell.