2011-08-13 01:37:06SkS included in "Best (six) Climate Resources on Web" per blog post on Carbon Brief
John Hartz
John Hartz

To access this Aug 12 blog post by Robin Webster, click here

In addition, SkS is also included on Carbon Brief's "Resources" webpage.

PS -- From an aesthetic perspective, the Carbon Brief website is top-drawer.

2011-08-13 04:43:32


Except Bishop Hill is included!  I doubt if this deserves a place in the six best sceptic sites, let alone the six best climate resources!

2011-08-13 08:37:03Perseus
John Hartz
John Hartz

Bishop Hill is included because the author of the article believes in the old adage, "Know thy enemy."

2011-08-13 16:20:56My fave bit
John Cook

Had to smile at:
Climate Progress continues to blat out the longest and angriest headlines on the climate science blogosphere