2011-08-09 07:50:30More than half the coverage of renewables in the mainstream British press is negative
John Cook

This article is a bit of an eye opener. The following paragraph really jumped out at me:
They make for depressing reading partly because they suggest that potential solutions to global warming get an even rougher ride in the press than climate science itself – which is saying something. Interestingly, the results also seem to fly in the face of the assumption among many green campaigners that the way to engage the press and public on climate change is to focus on the solutions rather than the problems.
2011-08-09 08:20:08
Paul D


It isn't surprising though.

Climate Science is largely not covered even by the Independent or Guardian.

Energy is politics and the papers are political.

It's amusing that Jeremy Clarkson provided most of the Suns anti-views. It would be as a columnist that he wrote his opinion.
I complained to the BBC about two years ago about his misinformation about hydrogen as a 'fuel' on Top Gear.
I got an email back that was dismissive of my complaint.

Generally though the BBC is the voice of reason. It was interesting to watch the documentary about a wind farm application that was opposed, but despite all the protests by a small number of people, it went ahead and the thing was built. The local community got an income from it.

I think the national press is a dead end in any case. I tend to read my local paper online and occasionally the printed version. Local press tend to be politically neutral and just report the news, like the national press once did decades ago. Although I do like the 20 pence 'I' which is the cut down version of the Independent.

2011-08-09 08:42:16
Paul D


BTW Clarkson rants all the time, that hasn't stopped all his favourite car manufacturers push ahead with electric cars. Despite all his efforts, he is just being ignored.

The biggest negative impact will probably be this round two of the 'depression' that started in 2008/2009. Whether investment in renewables and electric cars continues is probably in question at the moment. But then, if things get worse then emissions and resource consumption will go down.

2011-08-09 19:36:57


Talk about who killed the electric car, no wonder! They already have a metaphorical hill to climb before they will be accepted by the majority of the general public. However, the Clarkson and the Motoring programme Top gear boy are determined to make sure they barely get off the mark. They have also have seriously breached the BBC guidelines for fudging tests to make electric cars look worse, the excuses are pathetic.

Top Gear are already being sued by Tesla after claiming, among other allegations, that the Roadster’s true range is only 55 miles per charge (rather than 211), Now they have fudged the Nissan LEAFs figures as well. Nissan know this because the car has a monitoring device which transmits information. This shows the programme-makers ran the battery down before Clarkson and May set off. Moreover, the sat-nav tells them if they don’t have enough charge to reach their destination. It was also driven in loops until the battery was flat.”

When Jeremy Clarkson was challenged about this, he admitted that he knew the car had only a small charge before he set out. But, he said, “That’s how TV works”. However Clarkson's introductory words are...."to find out James & Me carried out a sensible test, no cocking about" .... "on a perfectly ordinary run to the seaside". Having a look at the electric car fiasco again (it starts after about 18 minutes for those who can view BBC iplayer)

Isn't it about time these opinionated motorheads cleaned up their act, and their cars? Will they be allowed to flaunt the BBCs guidelines, hiding behind the programmes ratings bolstered by their intellectually challenged and irresponsible viewers?

PS I'm happy to do a blog on this called 'who's killing the electric car' if anyone thinks it fits in with the sites debunking strategy!

2011-08-09 20:06:13
Paul D


The email I got back from BBC Top Gear included a statement by the programmes executive producer at the time.
It's an interesting read in light that the test they did on the Tesla was highly criticised.
The programme I saw included the Tesla and Honda Clarity.

The programme suggested the Clarity was better than the Tesla because it used hydrogen. I vaguely remember Clarkson suggesting the car can run on sea water (although that may have been anothor show??). I think it was the same show that claimed the Teslas batteries had run out of juice while they were testing it.

In the email the producer clearly pointed out that the programmes team had an "overarching reputation as philistine V8 lovers".

I'm not sure if the email was a general response to complaints or to my complaint in particular.

2011-08-09 20:32:03
Rob Painting

I hope that Top Gear get hammered in the law suit. I don't like those twats, Clarkson and co.

2011-08-09 20:35:59
Paul D


Robert Llewellyns latest Fully Charged video covers the Top Gear review of the Leaf: