2011-08-08 08:11:17Editorial with a large dose of emotional bias
Paul D


So much rubbish in this article about a wind farm in Perth County, Canada, where do you start?


There are no comments. But I guess you could send an email/letter, whether it would get published or not is debateable.
Since when have wind turbines been implicated in butterfly fatalities??!
And apparently 800 turbines in Ontario produce 17MW ???

Antony John: "Industrial wind turbines shouldn't be in anyone's backyard, or anywhere near livestock, wildlife corridors, avian feeding and staging areas or valuable farmland."

Why not near livestock??
Or wildlife corridors??

Is a bear going to climb onto the blades?
What care does a cow have for it's turbine neighbour??

I think even the average nimby would be scratching their heads after reading that.