2011-07-28 01:13:04Leaving the forum for a bit...
Robert Way


Hey all,

Just figured i'd let you know that I will be leaving for the Torngats Mountains of northern Labrador on Saturday so I will be inactive on the forum for about a month as I will be doing field work.

I have high expectations of all of you... i.e. I expect you to have defeated the denialists by the time I get back :P  Lindzen will personally come and apologize to Dana and Judith Curry will officially marry Anthony Watts.

Good luck with everything and I hope to talk again soon!

2011-07-28 01:26:15
Julian Brimelow

Have fun Robert, keep safe.

2011-07-28 01:48:43
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Best, Robert!


Watch the ankles (footing can be treacherous)!

2011-07-28 06:31:06
Dana Nuccitelli

Have fun Robert!  I'll work on getting that apology from Lindzen....