2011-07-27 21:51:14Green(ish) London 2012 Olympics?
Paul D


There was a good TV programme on Channel 5 last night about the construction of the London Olympics park.
Cosnidering the vast amount of resources used for these things, I was actually impressed by the extent recycling, carbon emissions etc has been considered.

1. The athletics stadium is designed so that most of the structure is only required for the games, it will later be reduced to a much smaller stadium for smaller events, with all the steel for the bigger version being recycled.

2. They opened up some rail tracks and transported 50% of materials by rail. They also opened up the derelict cannals and used those as well.

3. More than 80% of the demolition materials (after demolishing the buildings on the site) were reused, including much of the soil. This apparently is a record and most people said it couldn't be done.

4. The basketball building is temporary, although custom designed.

5. The roof on the velodrome was designed as a massive suspended net with panels fixed to it, reducing the amount of materials and apparently, negating the need for heating??

6. The company that supplied the trees developed a technique for growing and planting in the summer. Actually we bought a tree from them last year, they gave us a discount because we were celebrating a tree warden anniversary.

7. The swimming pool has temporary seating for the Olympics that can be removed later, also the pool can be split into two smaller pools for public use later.

We'll see if it does all get used or is recycled in a few years time. But I was surprised about the amount of effort made to genuinely make it the greenest olympics. Just a shame about all that concrete used :-) But I guess they may have even accounted for that somehow.