2011-07-27 20:02:29Discussion at "A few things Ill Considered" about datavisualisation
Paul D


Only just noticed this.


Has a lot of commenters that post on Deltoid and other blogs.
Haven't read all the comments, but one has entered some papers.

One comment by Terry C:

@ Mandas-

"Link please? And don't just say look at it, tell us what you think it says and what you think it means".

Go to the website, drag the bar to 2011, click on the little circle for 2011 for skeptical papers, look at the articles, one is on sea level changes in coastal gauges. READ IT (it's in English). Now, how hard was that?

Another commentor found a paper in the database that they had been looking for but apparently failed to find previously.

2011-07-27 20:11:19
Paul D


Hey John, someones done what you wanted to do, a slide show of the visualisation with a few key events:


Not sure what she used to do it though.

Looks really good.

2011-07-27 20:25:20Now that's cool
John Cook


Very cool to see discussion on the visualisation. We should resume discussion on where to take it next.

2011-07-27 20:30:08
Paul D


I did post a list of the ideas collated from discussions in the Peer review database thread but no one has responded.


2011-07-27 22:45:37
Paul D


A few weeks ago I did knock up this screen idea.
I think the list of research papers should go in a window, rather than the bottom.
Maybe the key events text could  go below the main display instead.
Added: I didn't spend a great deal of time on it.