2011-07-25 07:51:06Global Climate Change: A Primer by Orrin and Keith Pilkey
John Hartz
John Hartz

Here's the introductory paragpah of an in-depth review of the new book, Global Climate Change: A Primer posted on Southern Fried Scientists.

Sea level rise. Desertification. Ocean acidification. Climategate. Permafrost. Greenland ice sheet. Hockey stick. The language of global climate change can be overwhelming. Every year, as we learn more about the ways that human activity fundamentally alter global processes, the subject becomes even broader and more complicated. Fortunately, world renowned oceanographer Orrin Pilkey and his son, Keith Pilkey, have produced a comprehensive and readable primer on global climate change. The strength of Global Climate Change: A Primer can be broken into three sections – the content, the conflict, and the illustrations.

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Unfortunately, most of the comments on the review are by skeptics.

2011-08-07 22:35:34
Paul D


I carpet bombed the skeptic Chris F with a pile of comments on that southern fried science site.