2011-07-24 08:01:14Can anyone crack this mysterious page about Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
John Cook


Got this email from Ove:

This strange ‘gimmish’ of text appears to be robotic in origin. Do you understand where these things come from and what they aim to do?  Just interested. http://tanvanet.bligoo.com/paul-hoegh-guldberg

The page is bizarre, a mishmash of text - possibly automatically patched together by bots? Anyone know what this might be about?

2011-07-24 08:19:27
Glenn Tamblyn


Weird. And why is is on a Spanish language blog?

2011-07-24 09:26:46


It's a scraper site.  These are set up purely to earn advertising revenues from other people's efforts.


The textual  content is from



The Google adserve ID for the scraper site is -

GA_googleAddAttr("blogId", "107861");

Unfortunately, Google will only accept complaints from the owner of the infringed copyright, so these sites proliferate faster than you or I can do anything about them.