2011-07-21 08:06:39Troll alert
Rob Honeycutt


I don't have moderator privledges but someone might want to nix this new guy beancrisp.  Clearly a troll.

Latest comment:   "I wish I had three lungs so I could exhale more CO2."

2011-07-21 08:17:52
Julian Brimelow

Yup, he is not here to discus science that is for sure.

2011-07-21 09:12:33How to become a moderator
John Cook


If you want to try out being a moderator, just click the Become a moderator in the left margin of the forum. Just a click of a button can turn your moderator privileges on and off - it's that easy! :-) And there's no obligation that comes with being a moderator - it just means if you read a dodgy comment, you then have the ability to delete it. The more moderators, the less stress on any one individual which makes it a more sustainable situation.

2011-07-21 09:29:28
Rob Honeycutt


I don't even have to do a 10 min PPT presentation or anything?  =-)