2011-07-21 03:07:12This will really annoy the "skeptics", re BBC
Julian Brimelow

"BBC science coverage is of "high quality and significant quantity", an independent review has found.

But the report, by genetics professor Steve Jones, said the BBC "must make a distinction between well-established fact and opinion".

Attempts at balance were giving "free publicity to marginal opinions", the BBC Trust-published report said."


"He said the BBC "still gives space" to global warming sceptics "to make statements that are not supported by the facts".

He added that, for years, "the climate change deniers have been marginal to the scientific debate but somehow they continued to find a place on the airwaves".

"Equality of voice calls for a match of scientists, not with politicians or activists, but with those qualified to take a knowledgeable, albeit perhaps divergent view of research," he said.

The report said that, when opposite views were deemed appropriate, the BBC "must clearly communicate the degree of credibility the view carries"."

Article here.

2011-07-21 03:20:21


Great article, just reposted it on a Denier site who keep on whining about the BBC bias towards AGW, thanks! 

I wrote to Richard Black about this 'balance' problem, he was rather annoyed

2011-07-21 03:22:41
Paul D


Actually the biggest issue IMO is the lack of educational/documentary material about climate. That is far more valuable at reaching the masses than two scientist discussing something on a current affairs show.

We currently have a two part show called 'Richard Hammond's Journey to the Centre of the Planet' which is very educational in a practical way. Yet when it comes to explaining even the most basic climate science, there is nothing. It sometimes gets a mention for a few seconds as an aside at the end of a programme.

Weather also gets a lot of educational coverage, along with physics, maths even statistics!

2011-07-21 03:25:12
Julian Brimelow


Re Black, can you divulge more details regarding that exchange please?  If not here, I can provide my email and we can do it in private that way.

For the most part he does an OK job, but I have tired greatly of Black repeatedly giving 'skeptics" and contrarians and confusionists equal air time and him feeling compelled to interview one or more of them every time there is an AGW story.

This might be also the time to write him again and remind him that his annoyance was unjustified and that he was in fact in the wrong....well, maybe more diplomatic and polite than that ;)

This report will have the 'skeptics' howling, if they are not already....

2011-07-21 03:51:10


Actually it was a BBC programme called What's up with the weather I was critical of because it provided too much balance to Sceptics.

However I did complain about this article of Blacks 

Blacks general respose was this

'Warmist' attack smacks of 'sceptical' intolerance