2011-07-20 10:41:08Can a Candid Climate Modeler Convince Contrarians? -- Scientific American.Climate Wire
John Hartz
John Hartz

How can SkS assist in Stainforth's campaign?

Can a Candid Climate Modeler Convince Contrarians?

Intrepid British climate scientist sets out to win over global warming doubters

LONDON -- David Stainforth is a brave man. His mission is to try to remove some of the confusion over the climate debate by explaining why uncertainty has to be a part of the computerized climate models that scientists use to forecast the expected impacts of climate change, including more violent storms as well as more flooding and droughts.

Stainforth, a climate modeler and senior research fellow at the London School of Economics, hopes that by coming clean on the degree of difficulty in making such predictions, he and his fellow climate scientists will find it easier to make -- and win -- the argument that prompt action now is not only necessary but the far cheaper alternative to inaction.

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