2011-07-19 02:07:20Dangerous heat wave forecast for half the country -- USA Today
John Hartz
John Hartz

You can bet your sweet bippy that the heatwaves expereinced this summer in the US will generate a lot more discussion about climate change than anything else happening out there.

"Dangerous heat wave forecast for half the country" by Doyle Rice, USA Today

2011-07-19 02:28:24
Mark Richardson

All quiet on the WUWT front so far. I notice he covered a snowstorm in China though.

Pick one lie, make it big and keep repeating it. At least, that's what I would have guessed if they hadn't picked dozens of different lies and repeated all of them!

2011-07-19 02:38:26
Julian Brimelow

The same set up is causing a prolonged heat wave over paortions of Cnada as well.

Last I heard about 40 peope had succumbe dot the heat in the USA,- I expect that numbe rot sky rocket, as humidex values have been near 50 C in places.

2011-07-19 02:55:18'Dangerous' heat wave creeps east -- CNN
John Hartz
John Hartz

'Dangerous' heat wave creeps east

2011-07-19 02:57:44Heat Wave In Central U.S. Shows No Signs Of Ending -- Huffington Post
John Hartz
John Hartz

Heat Wave In Central U.S. Shows No Signs Of Ending

In Oklahoma City, forecasters expected another day of 100-degree heat Sunday, which would be the 27th day this year the city has reached 100 or above. The city is on pace to break its record for such days – 50 set in 1980 – with triple-digit heat possible through September.

It's even worse in western Oklahoma, where temperatures at 110 or above have been common in recent weeks. In Enid, asphalt at a major intersection along U.S. Highway 412 buckled Saturday night from the intense heat.

2011-07-19 03:44:20I know it's a rhetorical question,...


...but what will happen if just one climate scientist dares to make the connection between this heat wave and climate change? I'm sure the deniers/contrarians will immediately try to shout her/him down and will be hopping like crazy on their blogs and elsewhere.

If on the other hand the deniers state as fact that a big snowstorm or coldfront in winter signifies the end of global warming, the ever patient (well mostly!) scientists just explain for the umpteenth time what it really means.

Could make for an interesting comparison.