2011-07-19 02:29:58Copying Freedom of Information tactics
Mark Richardson

RealClimate's [URL=http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2011/07/how-soon-is-now/]Willie Soon[/URL] probable fraud discovery made me think.

Most of those who are anti climate science do their work for 'think tanks' or blogs where they can publish what they want. But occasionally they do work for universities or get their work published.


We know that they get a lot of things wrong, and whilst in Goddard's or Watts' case I can put it down to ignorance mixed with confirmation bias, some of them are so well educated that I can't believe that they don't know they're doing it wrong - it surely has to be conscious fraud (Soon, Baliunas, Carter etc).

Could we crowdsource FoI requests for all data and emails related to anything they did with the IPCC or data behind their papers? I for one can't believe that McLean, deFrietas and Carter didn't know they were filtering out long term noise and so intentionally lying in their press releases.

2011-07-19 03:53:52Obvious targets
John Hartz
John Hartz

Roy Spencer and John Christy