2011-07-14 18:23:18Definite setback for controlling CO2 emissions



2011-07-14 20:07:37
Paul D


"Company officials, who plan an announcement on Thursday, said they were dropping the larger, $668 million project because they did not believe state regulators would let the company recover its costs by charging customers"

That sounds like state control, not free markets.

2011-07-14 20:40:30


Electrical Utilities often have to apply for approval to regulatory boards for rate changes.

2011-07-15 00:27:13
Dana Nuccitelli

I was just reading that article.  It's ironic because they couldn't justify continuing with their carbon capture and storage (CCS) project because of the lack of a carbon price.  But the inevitable lack of a carbon price is going to make CCS a necessity to keep coal plants running in the future.

Basically, by blocking a carbon pricing system, Republicans have accelerated the death of the coal industry.  I guess that's a silver lining to this particular cloud, but it would still be nice to have the technology as a viable option.