2011-07-13 19:53:09Police investigation into Climategate
John Cook

This one took me by surprise:
Police investigators concluded that thousands of emails and other documents created by climate scientists were stolen from a backup server by outsiders and not released in an 'inside job.'
I hadn't realized the investigation was over but would like to add this to the Climategate rebuttal to hose down the annoying whistleblower narrative. Anyone know where official info can be found?
2011-07-13 20:46:28
Rob Painting

Regular geniuses that lot. I think we realized the e-mails had been stolen. As for the rest of the investigation - crickets chirping? 

2011-07-13 20:59:29
Paul D


CRU got warning emails from an American source before the emails were stolen. Although it wasn't clear AFAIK whether they implied an external or internal attack was imminent.

2011-07-14 01:35:59
Steve Brown


Last thing I read about it was this post at Bishop Hill about how UEA paid for a private IT forensics examination: http://bishophill.squarespace.com/blog/2011/6/22/whats-up-with-norfolk-police.html

I'm pretty sure if the investigation had been officially ended there would be more prominance in the media.  Fred Pearce would be all over it in New Scientist or the Guardian.