2011-07-13 08:36:51Getting Americans to Buy In to Global Warming, Part II -- Environmental Leader
John Hartz
John Hartz

This article is interesting from two perspectives.

First, it was written by Michael Nark, CEO of Prenova, an Atlanta-based enterprise energy management company that helps large organizations control energy spend by reducing utility costs and improving energy efficiency.

Second, Nark's take on how American culture impacts the discussion of climate change in the US.

The global warming debate has devolved into an emotional argument, not a logical one. Emotions are incredibly difficult to change because they don’t respond to facts or logic. Once an argument becomes emotional, a person will defend his or her position to the bitter end, no matter what the evidence may be. Perhaps it’s just part of our culture; we absolutely must prove we’re right and we won’t back down. So instead of explaining the threat of global warming for the umpteenth time, I’ve stopped discussing it all together. Now I just change the subject.