2011-07-12 17:01:18How about iBook-versions of the Scientific Guide?

I'm wondering if it might be feasible to make the Scientific Guide available as iBooks in all its translations. That way, the guide could be added to one's library and it would be easier to access it than via the PDF-file.
2011-07-12 17:07:59How do you do that?
John Cook


I did add it recently to Lulu after someone emailed me a request to have it available as a Lulu book. Here's the Lulu version:


But how would I make an ibook/ebook version and where do I put it?

Note: I haven't blogged about the Lulu version yet, want to see what that first person (as a beta tester) thinks of it first.

2011-07-12 17:26:03
Paul D


I wonder if £6.18 is a bit pricey??

Here is info about publishing on iBook:



2011-07-12 21:18:21


On the other hand, this may not really be neccessary - and I should have used Google before posting my question. It seems to be fairly easy to generate an iBook-entry from an existing PDF:


I'll give this a try later today and will post about it then.

2011-07-12 21:50:25No go on the Apple ebook route
John Cook

Started to drag my feet at the requirement of getting an ISBN. Then the requirement of a US tax Id was a deal breaker.

If there was a really good reason to pursue ebooks, I'd go to the trouble. But just to read on an iPad is not a reason. I have a whole bunch of PDFs in my iPad's iBooks. I just email them to an email account I have installed on my iPad (ipad@skepticalscience.com if you ever want to email me while I'm iPading away on the couch while watching TV). Then when the PDF is open in email, there's an 'Open in iBooks' option which imports it straight into the iBooks app. I have a whole host of psychology papers in there waiting for me to read.

2011-07-13 01:45:55Yes, not really needed


I just tried John's "trick" and added the PDF via an email I had sent a couple of days ago with my main email-account. I have set up my iPad's email to that same email-account so was able to just grab it from the sent-folder. Pretty neat!

If in future I'd like to get a PDF into iBooks, I'll just attach it to a draft-email and grab it from there.

Thanks for the heads-up!

2011-07-13 05:44:38
Andy S


You might want to consider putting some SkS publications as Kindle singles. You could sell them for, say, $1.99. I'm not sure if Amazon would allow you to give copies away at the same time as they are for sale. If not, that would be a killer for that idea here.

Some of the series such as Lindzen Illusions etc could potentially be bundled up and sold as singles. This could maybe raise a little cash to keep the site going. The original content would still be available as free blog posts on SkS.

Added later: There could be some copyright problems if we include third-party graphics (from journals, IPCC) in what could be seen as a commercial publication.

2011-07-13 17:30:46


I think there could be legal issues arising from charging $ for articles "insulting" specific individuals. Just a feeling. Someone should check into it with a knowledgeable expert.

2011-07-13 17:47:27
Paul D


It should be pointed out that Fair Use copyright law only applies to the US. I have noticed that some Americans assume Fair Use applies every where and posting all sorts of copyrighted material wover web sites hosted outside the US. Unfortunately it is mostly illegal.

I think there is some movement towards having a similar policy in the UK, but it certainly has not been legislated yet. Don't know about Australia.