2011-07-10 00:28:49Climate change vs environmental protection -- New denier meme???
John Hartz
John Hartz

I'm starting to see this phoney-bloney argument appear more frequently in comment threads.

Mueller (3:24): And what do you say to politicians and media who tell us every day to be active for the climate?


Prof. Malberg: My conclusion is one that is completely different: I say it is a basic human right to have clean air, clean water, uncontaminated soil and an ecological system that is intact. That means the highest priority is environmental protection. But humans do not have “a right to a stable climate”. That just does not exist. It never has existed. What is natural about the climate system is that it is not constant, it always changes.  When people speak so often about species dying, then one has to address environmental protection, and not assign everything to climate protection, and to blame it all on a phantom. The temperature increase we have had over the last 150 years of about 0.7°C has occurred multiple times since the last Ice Age, and nature repeatedly withstood it. Today there would be no polar bears if nature was unable to cope in balancing out the natural temperature fluctuations.

Source: Prof. Horst Malberg: Climate Change At Most 10% Because Of CO2 – NoTricksZone. To access this interview, click here.

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Many deniers use this meme, I'm for the environmenta protection but leave CO2 out. They don't want to be called "anti-environmentalist" but they want to be free to use as much fossile fuels as they wish. I think that for many people it has more to do with the status symbol of the western societies even more than with free market or other ideologic issue.

Somewhat related, I was thinking about Republicans in the USA going against the military forces when they use solar panels in Afghanistan ro elsewhere. It might be expensive but money is not an issue during operations, while protecting convoys is; it makes perfect sense to be as much as energy independent as possible when you're far from home. So why on earth should they be against it? Because they do not look as powerfull and machos as Schwarzenegger or Rambo? It's a mistery to me.

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Paul D


Riccardo regarding the US military and energy use in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The US miltary air conditioning budget in those countries to keep their troops up to the standard of living that they expect, is about a 1/3 of the UK defense budget.


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The Environment is not always naturally clean any more than the climate is always stable. Volcanoes and meteorite impacts can have devastating effects on air & soil quality ultimately leading to extinctions in the worst cases.