2011-07-10 00:50:03129 Climate Scandals -- NoTrick Zone -- SkS Response???
John Hartz
John Hartz

Has SkS ever tackled this head-on? If not, should it?

129 Climate Scandals

94 climate-gates total
28 new gates
145 links to reports with details

The new gates on the list are designated with “NEW!” to make them easy to spot. Thanks to a number of readers who have given me tips.

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I’ve noticed some websites have cut and pasted entire lists of gates at their sites in the past. Although I’m happy the lists are spreading and becoming more widely known, I kindly ask websites not to do this. Please post the first 10 or 12 gates of the list, and then followed by a link to this site.  To post more, please send me an e-mail and I’ll do my best to accommodate specials requests. Thanks!

Hockey stick chart - the mother of gates.

And as long as the science refuses to clean up its corruption and fraud, many more scandals are sure to join the list in the future. It’s the great swindle that just keeps giving.

35 new gates have been added since August.

To offer an anecdote, Stefan Rahmstorf wrote a post a while back boasting (prematurely) how Amazon-gate had been debunked. So I left a reader comment congratulating him, along with a link to my previous list of 94 gates suggesting he get to work on the remaining 93.

Needless to say, my comment was deleted. I know he doesn’t have much to do in Potsdam, except surfing in the internet and doing PR damage control, and so I hope this new list can help him pass the time.

New gates are designated with “NEW!“. Some gates involving people are filed under their first names, e.g. Judith Lean-gate (No. 70), or Jeff Greene-gate (no. 65). Surely I’ve missed some gates, as I’m not always focused on looking for them.

I hope this helps bloggers, journalists and readers in finding and citing sources as we wage our campaign against the merchants of junk AGW science and bad policy.

2011-07-10 03:22:22
Dana Nuccitelli

No.  NoTricksZone is a very marginal denialist site.  It only gets traffic from the dumbest of the dumb deniers.  If you see something on NTZ, chances are it's not worth responding to.  Responding to this would just draw attention to their invented "gates".

2011-07-10 05:29:41Dana
John Hartz
John Hartz

Fine by me. I do, however, now know where many of the climate denier bloggers go to get the news articles that they quote and reference.

2011-07-10 09:31:13
Rob Honeycutt


My intent is to crush Pierre's whole gig with my warming bet I have going there. (If you don't know, I have a $5k bet going there that the coming decade will be warmer than the last one.)  I hope I have a chance to double the bet before we get too far.  Then once it becomes fairly certain to everyone that I'm going to win the bet I'm going to harrange the hell out of him at every post he makes.

These guys are going to end up looking like dumb nuts they really are.