2011-07-08 06:32:05NikFromNYC posts YouTube excerpt of my Climate Change Denial interview
John Cook


Not quite sure about the point of this effort. NikFromNYC, our own troll (now banned) who also goes around saying SkS is funded by nuclear weapons designer, has posted this excerpt of me talking about the Climate Change Denial book:


There's no commentary, no snarky references in the YouTube, just a straight excerpt. One other website has already reposted it. As far as I can tell, he's just helping promote the book. Weird.

2011-07-08 07:21:28


There's no mention of the book, however.

2011-07-08 15:03:29
Rob Honeycutt


I've interacted a lot with that guy.  His mental stability is highly questionable.  In fact, he's so out there that I think he's good for the cause of climate change.  Anyone who looking into climate change who hits on this guy is going to get a very extreme notion of what climate skepticism is about. 

2011-07-08 16:56:22Mentally unstable cyber-stalker
John Cook


He's verging on stalking Skeptical Science though - cyberstalking Dana and me. A little creepy and the YouTube movie just makes no sense. I envisage a shrine on his wall with clippings of Skeptical Science blog posts and graphics with the inconvenient data cut out (like in psychological thriller movies where the psycho cuts out eyes from photos).

Yes, I know, I have too vivid an imagination :-)

2011-07-08 17:42:54
Paul D


Well if he has a plan, I don't have a clue what it is.

My local newspaper has had a spate of spamming on their web site comments facility by a well known local nutter accusing a local MP of being a pervert. The nutter (not the MP) has a long record of obsesive behaviour. The trouble is, it ruined the discussions in the comments. I and others spent ages reporting hundreds of abusive and repetitive spam comments to the paper. Eventualy the newspaper realised what was going on and maybe got a lawyer involved. Seems to be in control now, instead of the nutter gaining support, his actions just pissed people off (Cultural translation: annoyed people) who wanted to read the news articles and make comments.