2011-07-08 08:40:50Global Warming: A Geological Perspective -- A denier reference document
John Hartz
John Hartz

Has the following article been explicitly debunked by SkS?

Global Warming: A Geological Perspective

By John P. Bluemle

Editor’s note: This article was summarized from “Rate and Magnitude of Past Global Climate Changes,” which was published in Environmental Geosciences, volume 6, number 2, 1999, pages 63-75. The authors are John P. Bluemle (State Geologist of North Dakota), Joseph M. Sabel (geologist with the U.S. Coast Guard in Oakland, CA) and Wibjörn Karlén (Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Stockholm,

Sweden). In the Environmental Geosciences article, more than 70 peer-reviewed reports are cited.

 This article (slightly modified) also appeared in the Fall, 1999 issue of Arizona Geology (Vol. 29, No. 3). It benefited greatly as a result of the efforts of Dr. Larry Fellows, State Geologist of Arizona, who summarized the original article from Environmental Geosciences.