2011-07-08 09:41:18Another homage to Lindzen in NY times and elsewhere
Stephen Leahy


So why is there a long feature in the Times via Climate Wire on Lindzen and why now? And not one interview with another climate scientist.... looks like the 'reporter' is a former Wall St Journal writer who recently jumped on the contrarian bandwagon.

A Climate Change Dissenter Who Has Left His Mark on U.S. Policy

2011-07-08 10:41:15Stephen Leahy
John Hartz
John Hartz

Perhaps you skipped over this paragraph.

"Hansen did not respond to a ClimateWire request for an interview about Lindzen. Stefan Rahmstorf, a physicist and oceanographer at Germany's Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, who has also tangled with Lindzen, declined to be interviewed on the subject."

2011-07-08 15:03:27
Dana Nuccitelli

"The rumpled, bearded, soft-spoken scientist no longer teaches regular classes and looks forward to a quiet retirement a year from now, perhaps at his second home, in Paris."

Oh god I hope so.  I don't buy it for a second though.  Lindzen loves the denialist limelight.  How convenient that after years of accepting millions of dollars of federal research grants, now that he's on the verge of retiring, he says

"There has to be a return to non-government support of science"

The whole article is garbage.  The poor deniers are the victims and the rest of us are blind sheep.  It looks more like a Fox News article than a NY Times article.

2011-07-09 01:31:23Badger that's a trick to make them look like their hiding
Stephen Leahy


Badger Fialka knew Hansen etc not respond for a variety of reasons... and why should they respond story isn't an honest look at science. At most Fialka sent them an email and then writes his story like they're trying to hide. And why only high profile, really busy climate scientists? There's hundreds of others he could have talked to if he was really interested in science. 

It's an op ed presented as a real article. ClmateWire is where the NYT gets most of its climate articles from now - they don't do much of their own any more. 

2011-07-09 02:30:51
Julian Brimelow


Sadly Lindzen will show his very scary true colours when he retires.  I shudder to think what he will do once he is no longer at MIT.

Really troubling that the NYT insist on aiding and abetting these folks.