2011-07-07 09:04:21Massive Arizona duststorm - what extreme weather?
Rob Painting

Yup nothing to see here, move along!

2011-07-08 12:23:53
Same Ordinary Fool


Thanks for the link.  I enjoy reading what people have to say about the event.  I didn't notice it myself...too much noise inside to hear what's happening outside.  Needless to say, we haven't had much rain lately.

Once before when I was here in Phoenix (~1960) I watched a large haboob come into town.  It looked  like the top photo in Wikipedia's "haboob" article:  brown, vertical and dead straight all along the neverending face.  Presumably the darker color would be due to anything that would break the crust on the desert floor, i.e., agriculture, construction & off road driving.

Smaller dust storms (also with the long dark face, and also called 'haboobs') are regular events during the summer months.  About 5 people per year are killed on the highways because of visibility problems.  But no one remembers the storm itself the next day.