2011-07-06 01:30:42Panorama - The Truth about Climate Change (anybody seen this BBC program)


This program will be aired in Icelandic TV this Thursday; Panorama - The Truth about Climate Change, more here. Is there anyone who has seen it and if so, any comments?

It looks like it is dealing with "climategate" amongst other and both Lomborg and John Christy will appear. But there are also interviews with real climate scientists. I'm considering writing something about this program on the Icelandic climate website (loftslag.is), but I don't know much about the program. It would be interesting to hear anything from someone whos seen it.

The program is about 30 minutes, so it want be covering alot of the debate.

2011-07-06 01:59:24
Paul D


Yeah I remember watching that, I think last year when it first aired in the UK.

Can't remember the outcome although I do remember the Lomborg bit with the board.

2011-07-06 02:10:11


I felt it was still giving too much time to Deniers in the programme

Isn't this the title?

'What's up with the weather?'

I wrote a short critique on it here if its the same one


2011-07-06 20:04:45


perseus: It's probably right, that the program was probably called "What's up with the weather?" when first aired, I just used the same name as is on the homepage of the Icelandic TV-station. Thanks for the link to your critique, will keep that in mind when I watch the program.