2011-07-05 07:56:32Recent Extremes not caused by climate change - Neville Nicholls
Stephen Leahy


Nicholls' statements at a recent conference are getting lots of play: Recent extreme weather events not caused by global warming: Australian expert

That's not exactly what he meant to say but he doesn't seem to explain the connection very well - or the reporters didn't get it. 

2011-07-05 08:57:51


The same old communication problem. The journalist could have just wrote

"Global warming doesn't produce these events, however, it's pretty hard to avoid the conclusion that global warming has exacerbated the frequency and the intensity of these heat waves,"


"While global warming does not cause the weird weather, Professor Nicholls acknowledges its part in making some of the extreme weather more severe."

But it's understandable, in part. I myself could say similar things, one can not always have misinterpreting deniers in mind.

2011-07-05 09:14:26


It seems to me that Nicholls could, and should, have packaged it much more cleanly. You can't expect a journalist to know how to summarize you research: s/he can be expected to express better the message he presents. If he does a "on one hand X, but on the other hand Y," he can't be surprised if the journalist can't draw a coherent conclusion. A scientist should be able to communicate.