2011-07-05 05:14:01Monkton speeches cancelled in Australia


following his svastika and the referring to Garnaut as a fascist. Unacceptable even for skeptics, luckly.


2011-07-05 05:41:26


Your headline is a little over-enthusiastic. A few venues have cancelled, the bookings at The German Club:

"Leon Ashby, president of the Climate Sceptics Party that has partly sponsored Lord Monckton's Australian speaking tour, said replacement venues had been organised in all cities except Melbourne. They included the University of Western Australia and Port Adelaide Football Club."

(Why would the German Clubs have booked him anyway? Do they just rent space for public events, or is there some other aspect?)

It does suggest that he's queered his message in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - but he probably never had much audience there anyway. Likewise, for Northern Europe. Wonder what the eastern Europeans will think.