2011-07-05 04:13:44La NiƱa's Exit Leaves Climate Forecasts in Limbo -- ScienceDaily
John Hartz
John Hartz

Not until reading this article did I know that the JPL maps global sea levels on a continuous basis,

La Niña's Exit Leaves Climate Forecasts in Limbo 

2011-07-05 07:46:51
Rob Painting

El Nino!!!!

2011-07-05 11:07:45
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

All of the seasons of the year this year have been delayed 4-6 weeks; if we switch to an El Nino,,,gonna be a warm winter here in the NH (protracted fall and delayed onset of winter followed by an early spring...).

So no downside for me.


2011-07-05 14:03:10


Daniel - I guess this is a US-statement? In Germany and most of western Europe the seasons started a lot earlier than "usual" this year. Fruit trees were in flower a couple of weeks earlier than usual and the same later held true for the fruits they bear. We had summer in the spring and drought-conditions to go along with that.

2011-07-05 16:22:42
Paul D


'Summer' weather started about two months early in the South of England. Practically no rain in April and May. Then we had about a week or two of reasonably good downpours, now it is dry again.

Meanwhile up North they had loads of rain I think.

2011-07-05 16:32:49
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Apologies, Baebel.  You are indeed correct and that my US/NH bias betrays me.

I was lax in being geographically specific and appreciate the correction.  My comment was intended to be reflective of most of the Central Basin of the US (the Great Lakes region).

Summer is just now kicking in (sporadically, it seems).  Unlike the even more atypical weather of 2010, when summer weather began the last week of April here and lasted until mid-September.  Basically the conditions Baerbel describes in her comment for her area.

The seasons seem to be shifting from their usual courses.

2011-07-05 23:57:23Daniel
John Hartz
John Hartz

This year, the summer started earlier for the southern half of the US.