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John Hartz
John Hartz

The following appears on the comment thread to the article, "Climate models are creating a false sense of security, or at least insufficient terror" by Dave Roberts, posted on Grist, June 30, 2011

@Say it Green

There are two problems with the idea of becoming single-minded about
climate change:

1. Single-issue mindsets are generally evil, and climate change is no
exception. For example, by obsessing on climate change to the exclusion of
all else you would likely promote proliferation of nuclear power plants.
(Hopefully you're opposed to that evil crap, because nukes are extremely
environmentally destructive AND because they do nothing to reduce greenhouse
gas emissions in the long run anyway.)

2. Climate change is a mere symptom of air pollution; it's not a root
cause of anything, though it certainly will be the cause of major
environmental disasters, and in fact already has been (some species have
already become extinct due to global warming, for example).

Instead of being single-minded about climate change, why not be
single-minded about protecting and restoring the natural environment? This
is a much broader issue and being single-minded about it won't harm the