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John Hartz
John Hartz

Extreme Weather Link 'Can No Longer Be Ignored'

Scientists to end 20-year reluctance with study into global warming and exceptional weather events

by Steve Connor

Scientists are to end their 20-year reluctance to link climate change with extreme weather – the heavy storms, floods and droughts which often fill news bulletins – as part of a radical departure from a previous equivocal position that many now see as increasingly untenable.

The take-away paragrph from this in-depth article...

A group of their researchers has formed a coalition called the Attribution of Climate-Related Events which is preparing a report on the subject to be published later this year at a meeting of the World Climate Research Program in Denver. They hope in future to assess each extreme weather phenomenon in terms of its probability of being linked with global warming and then to post the result on the internet.

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Rob Painting

Ha, beautiful mate! I've got a few extreme weather posts I want to cover in the next month or so.