2011-06-26 16:08:31Vaccination denial website using short links a la sks.to
John Cook


Just FYI, got an email a while back, a guy liking the sks.to short URLs and asking if I minded if he stole the idea for vaccination links. Not that I had copyright on the idea or anything but I thought it was a great idea - he's now just launched it:


The idea behind vaxfax.me is that it will provide short, memorable links for parents to get reliable science based information about vaccines, with an emphasis on refuting the seemingly endless collection of myths that are out there.

The idea emerged after looking at John Cook's(*) Skeptical Science site and in particular his short links page.  Short links like this are useful in online discussions for both text and audio contexts - "...just go to vaxfax.me/aluminium...".


(*)Ideas stolen from John Cook with his knowledge.

2011-06-26 21:09:19John Cook
John Hartz
John Hartz

It would be extremely helpful to SkS users if the short URL appeared with each article.

Kudos on getting vaxfax.me to p;ug SkS.