2011-06-24 05:19:32Negative article by Vaclav Smil in Scientific American
Paul D


I bought the paper version yesterday as I had to get the train to London. But it is online as well:


I sort of agree with much of what he says, but can't help thinking he is being really negative.
Probably a result of living in the US??

Vaclav Smil - Distinguished Professor, Faculty of the Environment, University of Manitoba

Some info at DeepClimate:


Yale article:


2011-06-24 05:29:25
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Umm, Manitoba = Canada

2011-06-24 05:29:26
Paul D


Sorry the article is in American Scientist??

For some reason I thought I had bought Scientific American!

Didn't know there were two similar magazines.

Link is correct though.

Re: Daniel Bailey. Oops!

2011-06-24 17:04:25
Paul D


BTW I think my confusion is because Vaclav focuses a lot on US consumption.
I do recomend reading the article, despite my errors!