2011-06-20 23:34:51On creating a SkS Book of Analogies
John Hartz
John Hartz

As has been discussed many times by SkS authors, analogy is a most powerful tool in communications and teaching.

Analogies are peppered throughout SkS postings and comment threads.

While some SkS authors are very proficient at creating analogies, others are not. It therefore would make sense to create an SkS book of analaogies that would serve as a resource document for all SkS to draw from when drafting an article for posting.  

2011-06-21 09:45:45Metaphors database
John Cook


Firstly, great that you suggest this - concrete imagery is one of the important points in the "Made to Stick" series and I'd consider it the second most important point behind simplicity. Am very keen that SkSers are thinking as much about improving how we communicate science as the actual science.

Secondly, I've been thinking the very same thing for a while - an SkS database of metaphors. Then just last Thursday, I watched a Richard Alley presentation and he used a metaphor I hadn't encountered before that was so cool, it inspired me to finally start the metaphor database. So here's the Metaphor Page, with Alley's sole metaphor listed so far:


I haven't got around to adding a form for SkSers to add their own metaphors - will get on that shortly.

Note that Don and Tom at climatebites.org are also building a database of analogies and metaphors and there is great potential for partnership and info sharing between the two ofus.