2011-06-19 00:05:48SkS Blogroll???
John Hartz
John Hartz

To reiterate a recommendation I made a few months ago -- SkS should add a Blogroll of "like" sites on the SkS homepage.

Many like webistes have blogrolls and most include SkS. It's time for SkS to reciprocate.

Many visitors to SkS would also find a blogroll to be helpful.

2011-06-19 00:16:51Already available...


...just not highly visible:


You get to this page, by following the "Link"-Link at the bottom of every SkS-page. Would it help to move this to somewhere else, eg. the top menu?

2011-06-19 00:45:37
Ari Jokimäki


It was in top menu before but then "link" started to mean links to articles mentioning skeptic arguments and the real links got buried to back-pages. I remember that John promised to do something about it, say, a year ago (hint, hint!). ;)

2011-06-19 05:32:39Blog roll
John Cook

I've thought about it but there's so much info in the margins (and there's other stuff I need to put there too), it would get so crowded. Is a blog roll really that important?
2011-06-19 06:06:04


It might be enough to just move the "Links" to the top-menu (and perhaps give it another name) so that folks don't have to scroll down the page to then more or less accidentally happen upon it

2011-06-19 06:29:18Comment
Robert Way


Is there a visible link for the climate graphics page?

2011-06-19 06:55:37My two cents...
John Hartz
John Hartz

I like how Treehugger handles its blogroll. Its list is very long and it has a rotating window on the right-hand column of its homepage.

Lest there be any confusion, when I speak to the need for an SkS blogroll, I'm talking about posting the names and links to other websites. I'm not talking about links from one part of the SkS website to another.